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QSA.net includes in the subscription the Customer assistance service through the Support Center. Initially, you can require a direct and personalized assistance service of our qualified staff.

 For this we have designed the Training Service that is offered in different ways on a monthly basis and so you will always have the assistance you require:


  • Remote Training: online education courses. Courses will be always at your disposal.
  • Remote Coaching:  4 hours a month of coaching and assistance via videonference and/or telephone.
  • Assistance service: we offer you all the assistance that you need, notwithstanding the “general Terms of SaaS mode”, Art. 1b “Assistance Sevice”.

This service is not included in the subscription because you determine how many months you buy.

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The majority of our Customers are companies that already have a Management System and are now looking for a tool that can manage it in a simple and effective way.

We designed QSA.net with this in mind, so that a “massive” upload can be done of the data and documents already in the company, such that nothing is lost and you can quickly reach the objective of computerizing your Management System.

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This service provides the option of accessing the documents and data managed by QSA.net in order to work independently.This service is addressed exclusively to the IT Manager and its use is not recommended or needed by QSA.net users. This service includes:

  • SQL database of QSA.net: direct access to the QSA.net database in a production environment. The connection is established thanks to secure access that is specifically provided.
  • Documents files: via FTP, you can access the folders where the QSA.net files are saved.
  • Access to the backup file: via FTP, you can access the backup file of QSA.net’s database.
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To use QSA.net you will have a subdomain whose name is created automatically by our servers.

A third-level subdomain is provided to use QSA.net, where the name is created automatically by our servers. A customised link can be requested through this service to access QSA.net, such as the name of your Company's or your domain, for example: yourname.qsanet.eu or yourname.qsanet.co.uk

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