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Full Circle Compliance - USA

Full Circle Compliance was founded in 2012 by Dwigh Clark CHMM and is settled in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Dwight is a global Environmental Health & Safety Professional recognized for unique interpersonal and effective management skills, effectively establishing a cooperative relationship within the organizational culture. 25 years of experience in development of cross function teams to achieve results with an operational focus meeting the needs of the staff, while not forgetting the goals in corporate suite.

The professional experiences range from start-up operations at a recycling facility, development and execution of corporate-wide multi-media auditing, EMS, and environmental risk/liability assessment programs, to preparing permit applications and Right-to-Know (RTK) reports, to the development of contingency/emergency response plans such as SPCC, SWPP, and RCRA Contingency Plans. Has performed multi-media environmental compliance audits and/or due diligence assessments at over four hundred facilities/properties across the globe.

On Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwightclarkchmm
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Contact: Mr. Dwight Clark