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Partner Program


QSA.net mission is to reduce costs and extend the benefits associated with adopting and maintaining efficient organizational models by using web-based computer technology and solutions.Our Partner Program has been developed as a business opportunity to be part of a qualified worldwide network of our solution, taking into account the mutual business opportunities in line with involvement level and role that the partner want to take in the process of service delivery.




Lead generation X        
Negotiation   X X X X
Customer account  & credential management       X X
E-Commerce purchase       X X
Training     X X X
Implementation services     X X X
First level Support         X


There are many benefits in order to use software to support management systems and choose it in the Cloud. Moreover there are many reasons to choose our QSA.net solution and our partnership offer.
We believe that it’s not possible to obtain efficiency and productivity from a Management Systems without the support of a good tool: standard Office Suites are simple to use but lack proactivity and their help can solve only part of the needs.
We have developed QSA.net thinking that it must provide benefits both to Companies and Partners.
You can learn more about benefits for Companies on our website. This documents proposes business models for Partners, highlighting advantages and limitations. Some examples of benefits for our Partners are:

Organizational advantages

  • Implement for the future
    Differentiate your business by implementing new cloud-based services.
  • Differentiate & win with innovative solutions
    Meet your customers’ needs with solutions that only you can deliver.
    Optimize processes and improve efficiency and deliver a rapid return on investment.
  • Reduce time-to-market
    Realize service packages ready for the transition to the new ISO 9001: 2015.
    Accelerate your top line growth, deliver customer benefits faster and continuously outmaneuver your competition.
  • Extend your market
    Make possible to work with clients across a wider geographic area.
    Facilitate the management of multiple clients in a more effective way.
  • Take care of customer satisfaction
    Maintain contacts with your customers in an organized, structured way, so as to have maximum control.
    Increase the loyalty of your customers and help them manage their organizational processes in real-time directly from your office.
  • Trusted partnerTrust QSA.net as a liable Partner, skilled and awarded for reliability and availability to cooperate.

Technical advantages

  • Get your skills stronger
    Let us guide you by more than 20 years experienced training and a personal support. QSA.net invest in your success and won’t let you fail.
  • Coached for successTake advange from built-in and ready to use processes to get expected results in a fast and efficient way
  • A comprehensive system for your customers
    Provide your customers with a modular and flexible system easy to use for their business.
    Manage your clients’ Management Systems in an efficient way thanks to our platform we give you.
  • A tested system for your customers
    Use a product extensively tested on field in hundreds of successful cases involving companies of all sectors and sizes, as well as major certification bodies.
  • A turn-key solution for your customers
    Deploy a service that includes everything necessary to be up and running: hardware, software, qualified staff, maintenance, updates, support. The only thing you need is a normal internet connection. Thanks to a professional cloud infrastructure monitored by specialized technicians, QSA.net always guarantees top-level performance.

Economic benefits

  • Strategic Partnership
    Become a strategic partner for a specific geographic area in order to handle the customers assigned on your territory. Be eligible to receive referrals  through our partner network.
  • Additional Revenues
    Earn from QSA.net reselling margins, from training, implementation and support services.
  • No up-front investment required
    Free training and support to our Partner, no sales budget, no need to purchase licences in advance.
  • Design and develop new cloud based services
    Develops your business and incomes with new cloud based services that merge your business with new tools.