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This feature manages lists of plant fixtures, machinery and equipment, as well as expiration dates and archival records of maintenance processes. Every piece of equipment is identified through a register entry, which can then be associated with maintenance procedures and instruction manuals, as well as maintenance records. All information is therefore always easily and immediately available to staff members involved in maintaining plants in perfect conditions. The data gathered by this module flows to the data analysis module, which can then determine plant efficiency levels as well as a recap of all maintenance activities.


QSA.net meets the following requirements:



Operating range of QSA.net


Identify and trace plants and machinery.

  • Has the company identified the relevant infrastructure in order to ensure the product and/or service is compliant?

Defining and manage list of plants and machinery.  Collection and classification of essential information for a proper management through complete record for the machine.


Monitoring intervention requirements

  • Is adequate maintenance done on equipment (plants, machinery, etc.) to ensure that the relevant capability is maintained?

Starting a deadline register aimed at knowing and managing the interventions and maintenance on plants in good time.

Recording the outcome of interventions done

Creating historic records so as to readily obtain the necessary information, without unnecessary duplications in recording.