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Monitoring & measuring resources


This feature manages the firm’s instrumentation lists, including expiration dates and calibration records. Every instrument is identified through a register entry, which records their details and may also include calibration instructions and manuals. Each instrument record allows registering each calibration service call as well as any reports and certificates of testing or calibration. All information is therefore always easily and immediately available to staff members involved in this aspect of the business.


QSA.net meets these requirements:



Operating range of QSA.net


Identify and trace the tools.

  • Are the tools identifiable and listed in specific registers?

Defining and managing the tools lists. Collecting and collating all essential information in order to guarantee proper management.


Monitor the tools measurement status.

  • Has a calibration schedule been defined for all the tools used to prove the product’s compliance or the service supplied?

Activating a deadline register to know and manage the checking/measurement interventions on the tools in good time.

Recording the results of the checks conducted.

  • calibration carried out according to the predetermined intervals?
  • Have the calibrations records been saved?

Creating a file archive with all the results of the calibration tests to easily and readily have the necessary information at hand without unnecessary duplications in recordings.