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People and competences


This feature manages job proficiency and training processes, while at the same time maintaining personnel files. By defining job descriptions and relative area of competence, it is possible to evaluate employee job performance and identify possible training deficiencies. These, together with standard orientation courses defined by management and mandatory individualized training, help define a complete training package to be included in all planning, operation, and review stages of the firm’s activities. Training accomplishments are then recorded and stored in each employee personnel file, together with other information and documents, including curricula, physical examinations, personal protective equipment, etc.


QSA.net meets these requirements:


Operating range of QSA.net


Manage all staff records, job descriptions and skills.

  • Has the company identified the staff whose activities are significant and relevant to reach the objectives?
  • Has the company defined the necessary skills?


Managing staff records containing personal details, administrative and operative information. Determining job descriptions and role profiles according to the necessary skills.


Manage training activities.

  • Has the company provided the necessary training?
  • Has the company evaluated the effectiveness of the actions taken?
  • Has the company saved appropriate records on the level of staff’s training, skills and experience?

Managing training requests, schedules activities, managing and monitoring progress and reports on activities, including an evaluation on their effectiveness.
Creation of reports and electronic filing of all information and documentation.

Analysis of staff's performances.

  • Is the staff competent based on the level of education, training, skills and experience?

Evaluating staff's performances by skills analysis, comparing the performance against business goals and identifying training plans.