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Actions to address risks and opportunities


This feature manages the planning, the progress and the evaluation of effectiveness of the Actions to address risks and opportunities created trough the Risk Based Thinking approach. Every occurrence keeps track of the source, allows identifying the timing, responsibilities and operative mode to improve it. It also allows for the following of it constantly during its realization; enhancing the deadline registers and reports. Email and message notifications involve staff in the realization and the control of actions. Reports, summary tables and indicators complete the features' overview of this module.



Operating range of QSA.net


Actions planning.

  • Who is responsible for activating the Corrective and/or Preventive actions needed?
  • Has a Non-conformity test been done to eliminate its causes?

Documents cause analysis and expected improvement activities. It identifies who is responsible and the implementation schedules.


 Notifications and participation of the relevant staff.

Notifications regarding actions to relevant staff; collecting proof that expected activities have been approved.

Control activities progress.

  • Have the Corrective and/or Preventive Actions records and the check on their implementation been saved?

Monitoring the deadlines and the reporting on deadlines for checking on expected progress regarding activities.

 Testing the effectiveness of the actions. 

Recording proof relating to assessment regarding the effectiveness of the actions.