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This feature enables audits planning and reporting. Planned audits are monitored and notified to users. Every audit is recorded using a complete and detailed template, which can be associated to checklist, noncompliance, observations, thus allowing users to easily begin corrective actions. Commitments, communications, reports, summary tables, and indicators complete the overview of this feature.


Audit management guarantees:


Operating range of QSA.net


Audit planning.

  • Has an audit programme been planned that takes into account the status and significance of processes, the areas subject to audit and the results of previous audits?

Definition of the Audits programme and start up of the activities deadline.


Recording Audits.

  • Does the organisation conduct internal audits at scheduled intervals to establish whether the management system complies with what was planned, and is effectively been implemented and updated?

Preparation and distribution of the Audit report, and opening possible Non-conformities  triggered by the Audit.

Progress control.

Recording of all activities in order to check compliance with what was planned.