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A new way forward for environmental planning

Pianificazione Ambientale

This QSA.net module consists of two different menus ("Environmental Aspects and Impacts" and "Regulations Register"), which together with the objectives and environmental programs management modules (see the specific form) ensure that “Environmental Planning” is managed fully and efficiently.

The “Environmental Aspects and Impacts” menu makes it possible to identify all the environmental aspects, evaluate the significance of all related aspects and draw up the “Register of Environmental Aspects and Impacts”.

The “Regulations Records” menu makes it possible to identify and evaluate all the regulations that are applicable to your company, and draw up the “Register of all applicable regulations”, a deadlines’ register and an authorization register.

Identifying the environmental aspects is done on the basis of a set listing of aspects and a check list called the “Environmental Form,” both of which can be amended by authorized personnel (for example the Environmental Systems Manager) starting with the example that you can find already available on the software.

The Environmental Form can be filled out for all “Environmental Activities”. In this way, it is possible to find all the Environmental Aspects that are “normal”, “abnormal” and “critical” and collect notes and proof to support this.

For every “Environmental Aspects” identified, it is possible to define what kind of impact it has generated and then evaluate this. The combined information relating to Impacts, Aspects and Activities about the Environment constitute the “Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register”.

The impacts can be evaluated using two different methods: the “quantitative” method based on the classic “risks evaluation” procedures, and the “qualitative” method according to the outcomes of set qualitative parameters. In both cases, QSA.net is supplied with ready-to-use examples that can also be customized, including the definition of actions resulting from the different evaluation outcomes.

The possibility of repeating the identification and evaluation processes over time allows for historical data to be collected regarding the data relevant to the identification of aspects and impacts’ evaluation: every modification to the environmental management system is tracked and thus all related information can be efficiently updated.

The “Regulation Register” menu makes it possible to find and evaluate all the regulations applicable to your company, and at the same time draw up the “Register of all applicable Regulations”, a deadlines’ register and an authorization register.

Starting with a listing already supplied with the software and whose updates are the company’s responsibility, QSA.net selects the regulations associated with the environmental aspects which effectively are found in your company. These regulations are evaluated based on a set check list that can be completely amended. The regulations considered applicable automatically make up the “Register of all applicable regulations”. Any significant change to the "Register of Environmental Aspects and Impacts" will consequently require a reassessment of the regulations discarded previously because they were considered “not to be applicable” or an evaluation will need to be made of the regulations potentially applicable to the Environmental Aspects identified. Once again, the repetition of the evaluation allows for historic data to be collected and makes available details of the regulations that are applicable over time.

All records populate a broad set of reports that enable you to control your Environmental System Management in a simple and efficient way.

In short, QSA.net guarantees compliance with the following rules:



Operating range of QSA.net


Does the company actively maintain the procedure to identify environmental aspects concerning activities, products or services that the company can keep under control and over which it should have influence? Is the register of environmental aspects and impacts updated?

Recording the process for identifying environmental aspects. Updating Aspects and Impacts Register based on changes occurring.

2 Have both the direct and indirect aspects been taken into account (for example: products, planning, contractors, etc.)?

Possibility of defining both direct and indirect “Environmental Activities”.

Have the environmental aspects that have or could have a significant impact on the environment been identified?

Evaluation of the impacts based on set parameters; definition of the actions needed depending on the assigned evaluation.

4 Have the aspects relating to the most significant environmental impacts been considered by the organization to establish their environmental objectives? Determining parameters to establish the objectives according to the results of the environmental impacts analysis.
5 Is all the information relating to environmental aspects and impacts kept updated by updating the Environmental Forms? Drawing up multiple analyses over time in order to keep track of all changes.
6 Does the company actively maintain the procedure to identify and have access to the legal or any other regulations that are applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services? Recording the process for identifying and evaluating all regulations.


7 Has the register regarding legal regulations, authorizations and deadlines been updated? Regulations Register on the basis of analyses done. Management of the deadlines’ registers.
8 Is the updating of procedures whereby the regulations are applied clearly identified? Automatic reports to check on compliance with legislation based on applicable regulations.