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This feature manages on-line how documents and information are archived, distributed, and accessed. It provides a "Cloud Storage" system that handles documentation by closely managing its access, achieved by easily and quickly defining responsibilities and access privileges. It is a secure and efficient system dedicated to those firms that require a professional service to save their documentation on-line, with the additional advantage of being able to manage it internally.


QSA.net meets these requirements.


Operating range of QSA.net


Identifying and tracking your system documentation.

  • Has the responsibility for records management in order to guarantee correct identification and traceability been defined?
  • Has the storage deadline in relation to the content been defined?

Defining and managing the documentation lists. Storage and retention of all essential information to properly manage each document.


Electronic storage of the documents.

  • Have the methods for storage, saving, traceability and retention of IT data been defined?

Possibility of access to the records compilation starting from the forms according to assigned authorizations and to manage the history of archived records.

Definition of the documents' addressees.

  • Have specific instructions to manage records that are not in a hard-copy format been established (e.g. on IT supports)?

 Possibility to consult records archived in a monitored way.