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System documents


This feature manages on-line access, revision, and distribution of business documents in a captivatingly simple and immediate manner. Revisions to documents is managed by work-flowing their preparation and verification, through final approval and release. Documents are organized and distributed using custom lists of authorized users. Filters are used to simplify their search and access, while real-time email notifications inform users of all documents updates.




QSA.net meets these requirements:


Operating range of QSA.net


Identifying and tracking your system’s documentation

  • Has the Company prepared recorded procedures to manage documents and data required to operate its management system?
  • Are documents accurately identified and easily traced (identification code, title, updates status)?
  • Are document records prepared and made available to users to guarantee their validity status?


Definition and Management of the document lists. Collection and Cataloguing of the information for the proper management of each document.

2 Document outputs and updating pursuant to set rules and authorizations.
  • Have you defined the responsibilities for these three phases: processing, checking and approval of documents?

Streamlined editing/modification, checking and approval flow which meets control and management needs.

Defining the documents' addressees in order that every update is communicated in a timely manner.

  • What kinds of devices are chosen to guarantee that old files are not used (distribution lists, identification and removal of old documents from user centers)?

Definition of the distribution lists to be made available to users of the latest version of documents, by sending  notifications and possibility of checking that documents that have been consulted.
Only the latest approved documents can be consulted by users.