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2c5f AnalisiDati

This feature manages measures, diagrams, and summary tables related to the data collection. Thanks to the many available filters and the possibility to choose among various predetermined measures, it is possible to quickly and efficiently load data for analysis and reporting, such as Target Reevaluation. Upload efficiency guarantees the availability of data useful for the identification of improvement areas.





Operating range of QSA.net



Monitoring of business processes.

• Does the company collect and analyze appropriate data in order to check whether the quality management system is adequate, effective, and can be evaluated where continual improvement can be made?

•Have the following areas been included (at least): customer satisfaction, product conformity and suppliers?

• Are appropriate technical statistics used in the analysis and processing of data?


Analyzing the QSA.net’s records so as to immediately have available summary indicators in a schematic or tabular format in order to populate the Management Review.

These analyses consist of:

Non-conformity, Suppliers’ Complaints, Customers’ Complaints, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Audit, Maintenance, Customer Satisfaction, Supplier Evaluation and Training.