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Customers satisfaction


This feature manages planning and monitoring of those activities that evauate Customers satisfaction. By defining requirements and parameters of evaluation, it is possible to organize specific data collection efforts, evaluation and analysis of results, with the aid of performance gauges and summary tables.

External suppliers performances


This feature aids in identifying critical suppliers and in planning and monitoring evaluation activities, in order to manage, maintain, and store the list of strategic suppliers. By defining the evaluation’s prerequisites and parameters, it is possible to organize data collection, evaluate, and determine results.

Risk Based Thinking


This page details Risk Based Thinking according to the ISO 31000 model. The main management steps are: identification of context, identification of risks and opportunities, analysis and assessment of risks and opportunities in order to identify, plan and manage actions. The flowchart (shown below) details the process managed by QSA.net. A well-structured setup and clear interfaces allow the efficient management of the requirement of the recently revised ISO Standards (amongst which, the most important are the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015).


2c5f AnalisiDati

This feature manages measures, diagrams, and summary tables related to the data collection. Thanks to the many available filters and the possibility to choose among various predetermined measures, it is possible to quickly and efficiently load data for analysis and reporting, such as Target Reevaluation. Upload efficiency guarantees the availability of data useful for the identification of improvement areas.




7f62 Cuscotto

This feature summarizes in real time, and with the aid of “traffic light” indicators, the progress of work against deadlines, open to-do lists, and documents in progress. Green light signifies all is well, yellow light alerts of upcoming deadlines, while red light highlights that attention is needed. This is a single instrument to continuously monitor the organizational processes overseen by QSA.net. This is a module that offers at-a-glance overview of all information to each responsible manager and allows continuous hands-on real time involvement in the day-to-day management of the firm.